Coupon Everything

When it comes to using coupons….well let’s just say I have used a few.

I know how excited you can get when then see those episodes on Netfilx of Extreme Couponing. The rush of checking out can be compared to a gambling rush, but hey. If fact, I spend a part of my day (each day) contributing to an awesome NorthWest Frugal Blog that was featured on the show, maybe you have heard of them..Coupon Connections. CC is my goto site when it comes to couponing, so of course I recommend it, fully. 

I also love to chat in line about all the random things I save on, at the market and of course show people but I have found it hard to even keep up in the couponing world. 

I think a lot has to do with the choice of stuff we choose to buy and how it does not usually make the list of a typical couponers. 

But I (try to) overcome!

I have a few tricks up my sleeve!

I walk the (small) walk. 

Here Are a Few of My Favorite Money Saving Resources to Coupon Everything


Coupons and Rebates

Yes, very important. These enable all that hard work to happen. There is a ton of different kinds out there, that is why I like to follow so many blogs, so you can find deals on things most wouldn’t. 

The come in the form of paper of course, but ecoupons are on the rise. Most stores are offering them in an app or online medium. 

Programs like Ibotta and Receipt Hog give you pennies for shot with your smart phone. There is a million ways to save, here is a few of them.

IIbotta - Coupon Saving App

Printable Coupons,  eCoupons and Rebates | Coupon Network | RedPlum | SmartSource | Saving Star | Cellfire | Jingit | Swag Bucks | Recycle Bank


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