UBP13 – No Need to Wax for this One, Hairy Mommies – It’s a BLOG Party

Wow, it’s oddly intriguing to have the possibly to attend a mass networking party with the slight chance that someone is wearing ultra dirty under bits (or none at all) in your presence, without a one a knowing.

Kind of risky with a hint of danger, in an Extreme Hoarders meets Pranked kind of way.

I mean it’s one thing to force a brush through your uncontrolled self-dreading hair and bind it down with the typical mom boomarang hair tie do and go blissfully out into the world to do your bidding. Sure you pull it off without a hitch, no one knows about your stained shirt under the hoodie and the fact you didn’t brush your teeth. But it this is a whole different story. Almost like someone could have dared them. Ok I am getting WAY off track here and nearly forgot why I am even brought up the half of us below the camera…

Welcome to my blog, on your giant journey through the UBP ’13!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I am sure you have been long and far, laughed, giggled, cried and pondered…wth, really?!?!

You have rode the wave and dove into some great blogs, even just for the moment, without a reason in the world to, other than to explore. Even more, you have the ability to be the metaphorical bee spreading this blog pollen to yearning and appreciating flowers all over this coded eco-system and in turn, really brighten up someones day.

What in the world would some 5’2″ ex-mechanic/nurse/bartender, Power Tool using, Pull-Up doing, Foul Mouth, Techy Mom Blogger have to say that would have any relevance to me??

Me and My Hubs

My name is Jaime. That’s me on the left. Look no pants, lol.

I have been blogging on many different mediums for many years now. I currently am a contributor on Coupon Connections and a few other various clients and I blog here when I have the spare 30 seconds between MOM screams and Inbox notifications.

I grew up around electronics and cars. The first time I went to college, I studied ‘the vehicles’. It sounded like a muscle head high-school course or something else even more remedial, but I still have more Zombie Preparatory Knowledge from that alone than most of my neighbors, so we should be ahead then.

A few years later I went to nursing school and quickly decided that that was NOT for me. Let me insert a wonderful image for you {using a ruler to size the boil on a patient and then using multiple packages of gauze for multiple reasons and not vomiting on them, ughh I shudder just thinking of it} and I will leave my medical work history at that.

After getting married to my love and overcoming a unsettling amount of miscarriages, you can read up on a post I did here, I had to figure out, again, what I wanted to with my life.  With all my peers working themselves to death and daycares raising their kids, my first course of action was to be a stay at home mom for my now 4 kids.

Taylor Kids

With that decided, blogging naturally fell into place, because of the glamour of it.

All the cool kids with Macs and fantastic yoga pants are doing it and it looks EASY! Just add a couple recipe posts and maybe a few rants on the kids and we are golden. Sit back and wait for those adsense dollars to start flowing in!

It only took me a few years to acknowledge how freaking tough it is. Which, by the way, is something that finally made the elephant in the room get kenneled for non-work time.

Blogging may seem personal, but it is a family affair. In so many aspects you air clean or dirty laundry and it is one of those conversations you want to have with your family before your a blogger. 

Now I expand myself to help to work on other peoples blogs, mostly in the back end {italicized just because it is FUNNY} and in social aspects.

I love to rant and I love to ponder.

Most of all I love what I am doing and fully expect myself to do better, more awesome things because of my bloggery. If you are interested in all the awesome I can offer your blog, visit my hire page or read up on some of my bloggery posts

I hope you fully enjoyed your visit and don’t forget to tell your friends, in by sharing – of course!


The Blogger Wrench a.k.a Jaime can be found drinking coffee or juice, typing while parenting and wrenchin’ with nail polish on. You can find her on or Facebook…or Twitter and Oh Yea…follow her blog onBloglovin

Disclosure: I make money form some of the links on the website. It is the internet and I gots bills to pay, you know. But I am not shallow and have an opinion of my own, that is now swayed by the hollow green dollar.


  1. says

    My husband knows just about everything is fair game when it comes to the blog. He’s even said…you’re going to blog about that, aren’t you? I’ve trained him well, as he doesn’t even blink when I say I need a photo for a blog post!

    I came by from the UBP:) Have fun partying!

    • says

      PJ’s are great, except when you jet out of the house and have that stupid chance encounter with the PTA president and you realize your crotch has had a blow out :( Solution: Obsess with Amazon and leave as little as possible ;)

  2. says

    Boy did you hit the nail on the head with blogging being a family affair! There have been many times that I have to stop and remind my self that certain family members read mine before I totally throw them under the bus when they annoy me….lol! Oh, the woes of a super glamorous mom blogger! ;)

    • says

      I like to gently push a bumper car in my irritating kin. You know just enough to vent with out being ‘unfriended’ or worse….. crappy potluck dishes at BBQ’s

    • says

      Thanks, I was so glad I could even pull of that dress. After my kids sucked the life out of my boobs, I didn’t think it would even stay up!!

      I like our name, except for the fact I get mistaken for a Mexican guy on the phone A LOT!

  3. says

    Amen sister! I’m wearing my yoga pants right now. Ok, not really. I can’t even get bendy enough to do yoga. I’m surfing on over from the UBP! Party on! ::: Tossing Confetti :::

  4. says

    I am currently wearing no pants and my hair is totally in a weird pretend to be sexy bun and I am wearing a shirt that has some morning sickness throw up on it and I haven’t shaved my legs. So thanks for letting me attend this party with out getting in some uncomfy clothes! Ps looking forward to getting to know you!

    • says

      Congrats on the preggers!! Ugh I remember morning sickness and am very glad I am not meditating on the ‘don’t puke’ thought :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. says

    loved your post! yes blogging is truly a family affair, clean and dirty laundry aired quite frequently. thanks for making me laugh:)
    btw: flats, jeans, I heart NY t-shirt, sweater with no make-up or hair done

  6. Glenda Cates says

    Hello, I was surprised to see you had four kiddos you do not look old enough to. Thanks for the post and I look forward to visiting again. Have a nice week.

    • says

      I guess I should *disclose* The older two are my step-children, that I have been raising since they were in pull-ups.

      I do have friends that have kids that age and yes that could have made me a contender on TEEN MOM ;)

  7. says

    When my daughter (16) told me she wanted to start a blog of her own, I instantly knew the fear she had lived with since I started my blog. OMG What would she write about me? I promptly said No.
    I don’t write about my kids very much, because being a teenager is hard and awkward enough without mom splashing it all over the internet. Besides now their friends’ moms read my blog, so awkward.
    I like what you wrote, and I will def be back! #UBP13

  8. says

    Love your thoughts on everything, very true-LOL! Looking forward to reading more!


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